Du-lo; Apprenticeship - Chinese seal carving and calligraphy; 2006; Wen-Hao Tien (b. 1964); Cambridge, Massachusetts; Stone; Collection of Wen-Hao Tien
  Du-lo, Apprenticeship - Chinese seal carving and calligraphy, 2006
Wen-Hao Tien (b. 1964)
Collection of Wen-Hao Tien
Photography by Jason Dowdle

Wen-Hao Tien made this one-inch seal and impression after her apprenticeship with Qianshen Bai. It is the character Du-lo, representing Dokuro Osho, a Zen Buddhist monk. The impression is made by pressing the seal into a pot of thick, red seal paste, made from pulverized cinnabar, mineral oil, and strands of fiber. To achieve an even impression, the seal's surface must be completely level.