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Musical instrument
Violin, Musical instrument, 2002; Bob Childs (b. 1952); Cambridge, Massachusetts; Maple, spruce, ebony, strings; 23 1/4 in. length; Collection of the artist; Photography by Jason Dowdle
Violin, Musical instrument, 2002
Bob Childs (b. 1952)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Maple, spruce, ebony, strings
23 1/4 in. length
Collection of the artist
Photography by Jason Dowdle
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Bob Childs
Cambridge, MA
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After making and playing violins for over thirty years, Bob Childs realized he hadn't kept any of his own instruments. He made this violin for his 50th birthday, realizing, ". . . if I didn't make one for myself, I would never have the experience of hearing a violin age and mature right under my own ear!" Both Childs and tunesmith Mark Simos perform in Childsplay, an annual concert showcasing many fiddle styles. Performers are linked by their instruments - each plays a violin or viola made by Bob Childs.
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